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qEEG - quantitative EEG

The qEEG serves as the basis for neurofeedback training

  • 21 - channel EEG at the highest medical level
  • shows the "current state" of the patient's brain activity - data is compared with international medical databases for optimal training planning

Professional IQ-test

In my practice I offer professional IQ tests according to the “Wechsler procedure”.

  • Worldwide golden standard of intelligence testing
  • The Wechsler Intelligence Test consists of a verbal and a non-verbal performance scale, each of which consists of a series of subtests. The verbal scale measures, among other things, speech expression, comprehension, attention and problem solving. The non-verbal scale measures, among other things, non-verbal problem solving, perceptual organization, logical thinking, processing speed, concentration and visual-motor coordination

Learning Disabilities

Learning disorders are not rare and can be diagnosed.

  • The diagnosis is usually made by the changer intelligence test in combination with school-specific tests
  • Additionally read and spelling tests are performed
  • and a quantitative EEG complete an extensive and as individual as possible examination
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IQ Test Stuttgart

School psychological evaluations

Many schools support pupils and students in examination situations with additional working time or similar if learning difficulties can be proven.

  • We have many years of experience, especially in cooperation with European and international schools
  • Schools need appropriate psychological examinations, a detailed interpretation and specific recommendations for each student

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