The Neurofeedback Training Method

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Imagine that you could train your brain in a similar way to muscle training to achieve better results in making decisions, learning a new language or breaking a bad habit. The good news is that today we know how to achieve this. With the help of a unique, non-invasive method called neurofeedback (or neurotherapy), you […]

The human brain

The human brain

Experiencing, feeling, thinking, moving, acting; our brain controls all of this. But what is it actually, the brain, the organ that is responsible for so many things in life? It consists of many different parts, all of which have a certain function, or function in combination with other structures. Some important structures are on the […]

Burnout – Too much in my mind

Burnout Neurofeedback Stuttgart

Burnout has become a well-known phenomenon in the working world. Overwork at work can lead to a condition that is often described by those affected as a feeling of burnout. Burnout is primarily a mental state, but can also lead to physical secondary diseases. With the new classification system ICD-11 (International Statistical Classification of Diseases […]

Biofeedback and Neurofeedback

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Biofeedback is a method to improve the regulation of physiological processes of the body. It is a non-invasive procedure, as there is no external interference with the body’s own processes. Instead, attention is directed to these processes. Biofeedback can be understood as an umbrella term for regulatory training of various physiological processes. Frequently, cardiac activity, […]

Neurofeedback for anxiety and panic disorders

Anxiety disorder Neurofeedback

Generalized anxiety disorder is a type of anxiety disorder. The fear is not triggered by a specific stimulus, but is independent of the environment and the situation. The anxiety usually refers to everyday events, such as the fear that a close person might have an accident. About 5% of all people suffer from this anxiety […]