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ADHD, Depression, Burnout, PTSD etc.Sustainable & effectiveapproach - without medication

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Steven Jones Neurofeedback Stuttgart

Specialized in neurofeedback

By specialising in neurofeedback, I can offer you the highest quality therapy in my practice in Stuttgart.

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Julia Wiener

Health Scientist B.Sc.
Neurofeedback Therapist

Steven Jones

Psychologist M.Sc.
Neurofeedback Therapist
Practice Owner
Zeynep Tunçel Neurofeedback Stuttgart Praxis Jones

Zeynep Tunçel

Psychologist B.Sc.
Mental Health Counselor
Neurofeedback Therapist

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Neurofeedback can help

In my neurofeedback practice in Stuttgart I treat a variety of psychological imbalances





Post-traumatic stress disorder

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